This is the demo for Fracture Hell playable in the browser. You can experience the full game but gaining points for buying new guns and upgrade cards is disabled. You can play the demo on in the browser as well. Shaders and Vsync are disabled per default in the demo to guarantee the best performance on start-up. Feel free to enable both for the best visual experience.

Ways to get the full game:


Fracture Hell focuses on fast endless destruction in a one-screen arena. Use an extensive armory to outfit your favorite class with various weapons and build a deck out of a huge selection of cards to help you survive the next run. 

You can test your skills in different game modes and finetune the difficulty with artifact cards. Leveling up your class gives you access to new guns, upgrade cards, and artifacts to test out and find the perfect build.


  • Survive endless waves of enemies
  • Keep growing stronger by playing upgrade cards from your deck
  • Everything is destructible featuring a custom polygon fracture algorithm
  • Your shape is your health. Every bit of damage slowly cracks away little pieces


  • 26+ unique enemies to fight
  • 5 different game modes to explore
  • 5 classes to master
  • 30+ artifact cards to decrease or increase the difficulty of your next run
  • 40 guns to unlock and try out
  • 140+ upgrade cards to build interesting and unique decks

Support Me

You can support me here on itch io or via GitHub Sponsors. I truly appreciate any support!


Fracture Hell Demo 172 MB

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